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Custom Single Family Residences
Complete Community Amenities including  Clubhouse, Fitness  Center, Pool & Spa




Residential Community Development

Large Scale Condominium and 
Townhome Developments
Parking Lot and Site Lighting w/ available Bucket Truck Service
Production Atmosphere Required for the Nations Most Recognized  Homebuilders
Quality & Safety Standard Program to Comply with all Codes and Regulations

About Us

Established in 1986, ZAM Electric operated in all phases of electrical applications with a firm command of the industrial sector & industrial control wiring.  As time passed, a decision was made to direct all of our electrical knowledge and education to residential development.  A full company emphasis dedicated to electrical applications, safety and codes for community residential development transpired.

We recognized in order to continue and succeed in our business we must be able to fully support our Builders and Developers with a focus and appreciation of their project's foresight.  In doing so we have developed a company wide system offering an exceptional service at a competitive price.  Our satisfied Clients are recognized and regarded as the top National Builders and Developers in our area.  Humbly, we are appreciative of all our Clients and their trust in us as we serve them.

"Let the work of our hands bring light"



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